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Title Edition Publisher Publication Place Publication Country ISSN eISSN Pub Type Notes and Changes
World Cultures eJournal   University of California Digital Library - eScholarship Irvine United States   2373-7573 Scholarly Journals  
World Development   Pergamon Press Inc. Oxford United States 0305-750X 1873-5991 Scholarly Journals  
World Economic Forum [BLOG]   Newstex Geneva United States     Blogs, Podcasts, & Websites  
World Employment and Social Outlook   International Labour Organization, represented by the International Labour Office (ILO) Geneva Switzerland   2059-3031 Reports  
World Expo   The Diplomatic Courier Manassas United States 2157-3778 2157-3786 Trade Journals  
World Food Regulation Review   Research Information Ltd. Burnham United Kingdom 0963-4894 1752-7449 Scholarly Journals  
World Health   World Health Organization Geneva Switzerland 0043-8502   Magazines  
World Health Organization. Bulletin of the World Health Organization   World Health Organization Geneva Switzerland 0042-9686 1564-0604 Scholarly Journals  
World Policy Journal   Duke University Press, NC & IL Durham United States 0740-2775 1936-0924 Scholarly Journals  
World Political Science   Walter de Gruyter GmbH Berlin Germany   2363-4782 Scholarly Journals  
World Politics   Johns Hopkins University Press Princeton United States 0043-8871 1086-3338 Scholarly Journals  
World Review of Political Economy   Pluto Journals London United Kingdom 2042-891X 2042-8928 Scholarly Journals  
World Right Now with Hala Gorani   CQ Roll Call Atlanta United States     Other Sources  
The World Today   Royal Institute of International Affairs London United Kingdom 0043-9134   Magazines  
World Watch   Worldwatch Institute Washington United States 0896-0615   Magazines  
Yearbook of European Law   Oxford Publishing Limited (England) Oxford United Kingdom 0263-3264 2045-0044 Scholarly Journals  
Yearbook of International Environmental Law   Oxford Publishing Limited (England) Oxford United Kingdom 0965-1721 2045-0052 Scholarly Journals  
Youth and Society   SAGE PUBLICATIONS, INC. Thousand Oaks United States 0044-118X 1552-8499 Scholarly Journals  
Zagreb International Review of Economics & Business   De Gruyter Poland Zagreb Poland 1331-5609 1849-1162 Scholarly Journals  
Zanj   Pluto Journals Kennesaw United Kingdom 2515-2130 2515-2149 Scholarly Journals  
Zbornik Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Zagrebu   University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb Croatia 1333-8900 1845-495X Scholarly Journals  
Zeitschrift fuer Kritische Sozialtheorie und Philosophie   Walter de Gruyter GmbH Berlin Germany 2194-5632 2194-5640 Scholarly Journals  
Zeitschrift fuer Religionswissenschaft   Walter de Gruyter GmbH Berlin Germany 0943-8610 2194-508X Scholarly Journals  
Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft   Springer Nature B.V. Wiesbaden Netherlands 1865-2646 1865-2654 Scholarly Journals  
Zeitschrift für Ethnologie - Journal of Social and Cultural Anthropology   Dietrich Reimer Verlag GmbH Berlin Germany 0044-2666   Scholarly Journals  
Zero Anthropology [BLOG]   Newstex Columbus United States     Blogs, Podcasts, & Websites  
Zeszyty Prasoznawcze   Jagiellonian University-Jagiellonian University Press Krakow Poland 0555-0025 2299-6362 Scholarly Journals  
e-BANGI   E-Bangi Journal Bangi Malaysia 1985-3505 1823-884X Scholarly Journals  
iAdvance Senior Care   Vendome Group LLC New York United States 2573-8909 2573-8917 Trade Journals  
rEvista : A Multi-media, Multi-genre e-Journal for Social Justice   University of California Digital Library - eScholarship Santa Barbara United States     Scholarly Journals  
Üniversitepark Bülten   Universitepark, Co. Ltd. Kutahya Turkey 2147-351X 2564-8039 Scholarly Journals  
İran Çalışmaları Dergisi = Journal of Iranian Studies   Sakarya University Serdivan Turkey 2536-5029 2651-4370 Scholarly Journals  
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